Monday, December 15, 2014

Artists Inspired


B. The piece of art that I decided to create was a watercolor painting of Winnie the Pooh.  The image I used as my inspiration was a lithograph work of a tea pot that was on the North Carolina Art Museum's online photo gallery.  When I looked at the painting of the tea pot, I immediately thought of a whimsical and youth piece of artwork.  Winnie the Pooh came to my mind because he is a whimsical character that targets a younger audience, so I decided to paint Winni the Pooh as my art project.  The reason I used watercolor as my medium was because I thought it would best replicate the young audience theme that at was in the tea pot lithograph art piece.  After I finished the painting, I pasted Winnie the Pooh on some newspaper and finally on a black paper background to emphasize his colors.  Overall, I really like the way my final piece came out.  

C.  Three pieces of evidence: 

Monday, November 24, 2014

Artists Destruction

I drew a bottle with chalk pastel a few weeks ago.  However, I did not like how it came out so I decided it would be perfect if I used this piece to for the Artists Destruction project.  The overall project is a drawing of a bottle inside an actual bottle filled with water.  By filling the bottle with water, I destroyed my art piece.   

Friday, November 14, 2014

Artists Collaborate

1.  Our project idea is to create different words with our bodies.  In the picture above, we are planning out different words and how we are going to generate them into an "artists collaborate" art project.  
2.  I am collaborating with 3 other girls; Hannah, Brooke and Bre.  My role in the project is to help think of ideas/what words we should use and how we should create those words.  
3.  The final piece will be of us 4 creating different letters/words with our bodies.  We have only done the planning so far, so hopefully the final will come out the way we want it to.   

Thursday, November 6, 2014


I drew a small bottle of lotion from Bath and Body Works and I drew this because lotion is smooth and the topic we were supposed to draw was "Smooth."   

Friday, October 24, 2014

Artists Solve Problems/Limitations

Artists Solve Limitations
For this project, the limitation I used was only using University logo's to spell out my name.  As you can see, my name is spelt out with the logo's for NC State, Appalachian, Princeton, Notre Dame, and Auburn University.  The main problems that I encountered with this project was finding the right logo to represent my name and making sure I could replicate them accurately so that people looking at my project could tell which logo belonged to which university.  In addition, this project was very tedious and required a lot of patience to make sure that there were no little mistakes that could potentially make the project look different than the way I wanted it to look.  A last minute decision that I decided to make, was to replace the cursive word "Mountaineers" in the middle of the Appalachian logo, and replace it with my last name which is the same amount of letters as the word "Mountaineers".  Overall, I really like how the project came out and I feel like I used the theme of this project in a unique way.      

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Artists Steal

1.  Before starting this unit, I thought stealing and copying were basically the same thing.  I thought that if you stole something, you called it your own.  And if you copied something, you took and idea from someone else and called it your own as well.  However, after finishing the "Artists Steal" unit, I realized that stealing and copying are two different things.  Stealing, is taking something from someone else and changing it up to make it your own.  On the other hand, copying is taking something from someone else and not changing it.  Therefore, stealing can be seen through my drawing of Jerry as shown above.  I took the original photo of Jerry, drew a replica of it, but changed the theme by drawing him as a patriot.  Therefore, I did not copy the photo of Jerry, I "stole" it.  

2. My character remix project was of Jerry the mouse from the TV show Tom and Jerry.  The remix concept of this project was utilized by making Jerry a patriot rather than an ordinary mouse.  I drew a red hood-less sweatshirt with "USA" in stars written across and also drew striped plants for the mouse to wear.  Jerry's hands and feet are dotted with red and blue dots and if you look close enough, the inside of his ears are pink with small white stars.  Lastly, there is a star on the tip of Jerry's nose and his whiskers are colored red.  The reason I decided to draw Jerry as a patriot is because his enemy, Tom the cat, is of a different political party, one that is not a patriot or in favor of America.  

3.  My final project is of a "palm"-tree.  The hands that are drawn in green replace the normal, large leaves that a regular palm-tree would have.  The branch of the tree is a normal branch with a zig-zag pattern that is colored in all shades of brown.  Lastly, instead of having clouds above the hands, there are balloons that the hands are reaching for.  The merit of my final project is the "play on words" and how I "interpreted the meaning" of a palm tree.  Instead of drawing an actual palm tree, I changed up the meaning of the word and drew a tree with palms (hands) instead.  Therefore, my merit is the play on words and the different interpretation I brought upon this final project.     

Friday, September 19, 2014

Artists Observe 2 - Faceless Portrait (Hannah Bush)

I Create Original Art
I used my own unique ideas in this piece of artwork mainly by doing stippling with chalk pastel color pencils.  This was unique because usually when an individual does a portrait of someone else, they will either shade it or color it.  But in my piece of artwork, I did stippling that made the portrait look very different than the original photo I took (left).  My source of inspiration was my friend, Hannah Bush.  I took this photo of her holding up a peace sign with her fingers and then decided I would draw this.  However, as I started to draw, I realized that I wanted to focus on her clothing, especially the bright color of her sweater.  This is when I decided that I would not draw a face which would ultimately emphasize the clothing and the bright pink.  Overall, I enjoyed working in this project and I am very happy with the way it came out.  

Monday, September 8, 2014

Artists Observe 1

I Create Original Art:
I used my own unique ideas in this observation piece by using fake snakes as my observation object. This purpose of this assignment was to place an object on the sidewalk/street and observe how other individuals react to that object.  After contemplating what object I wanted to use, I decided to use fake snakes that were packed away in my garage.  Although this was a risky object to use, I went ahead and used the snakes as two observational objects.  My source of inspiration was the video that Mr. Sands made us watch in class.  The object that the lady used in the video was a 20 dollar bill. Although this was an interesting object to use, I did not want to risk losing money.  Instead, I thought of using an object that would cause a drastic reaction and I immediately thought of the snakes.  I'm very happy with the way this observation piece came out.  

I Take Risks:
As I mentioned above, the biggest risk I used regarding this project was the use of fake snakes as my object.  This was a risk because I was afraid that I would really scare the random people on the street that passed the snakes.  In the end, I decided to use the snakes and the result of my observation was pretty good and did not cause too much fear.  Because this was an observational piece, I used the camera that was on my phone instead of drawing the reaction.  I was contemplating whether or not I wanted to draw the reaction but I thought that that an actual photo would capture the emotion better.  

I Have a Global Awareness of Artmaking:
I found inspiration from the video I watched in Art class.  In the video, the lady who was doing this assignment used a 20 dollar bill and observed how individuals walking on the street reacted to the money.  In the end, one man took the 20 dollar bill.  I usually don't use photography as a tool but for this assignment I used my phone camera to take accurately the photo and capture the reaction.  I did not participate as an art community member.    

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Mixed Media - Shoe Collage

Artists Create Original Art
I used my own unique ideas in this project by not only making a shoe collage but placing a photo behind each shoe that relates to the shoe.  For example, the yellow shoe with the red bow is from Snow White and the apple that the shoe is placed on is a significant item of Snow White; therefore, they correspond with eachother in the same disney movie.  Likewise, I did this for the other two shoes, being Cinderella and Aladin.  The source I used for inspiration was Disney.  I originally did not know what to do but I decided that the idea of Disney could be portrayed through shoes from famous Disney characters.  

Artists Develop Art Making Skills
The new skills I learned through this project was how to use mixed media within one piece of art work.  The one thing I had difficulty with was painting over the paper that I glued in the background.  The pumpkin, apple, and magic carpet were all printed out on paper so the texture was a bit difficult to paint over, but I just had to use multiple layers of painter after each layer dried.  I learned skill with the familiar technique of painting.  I have painted before in multiple pieces of art work, but this was definetly the most difficult project in terms of painting.  

Artists Reflect   
I took time to step back and reflect my work after each major part of my project.  First, I stepped back and looked at my project after I placed the pumpkin, apple, and magic carpet on the poster board.  I put these at an angle because I didn't want them straight and too confined.  After this, I added the corresponding shoes to the items and took some time to reflect how these looked.  Lastly, I added my third medium of tissue paper to Snow White's shoe and this added some volume and originality to the project.  I did consider how this project would turn and how to add each element to the peice of art work, but as I was going I added a few items such a glitter that I did not think about earlier.  Overall, this project allowed me to step out of my comfort-zone and I really like how this project turned out.   

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Apple Progression Painting

Artists Take Risks
I took a risk by adding real leaves to the canvas with glue.  I was not sure if i wanted to do this because it might be a negative addition to the overall painting but it turned out to look good because it added different texture and life-like aspects.  Also, I was originally not going to do the progression of apples being eaten but once I started painting the apples I really liked how the overall product looked!

Artists Reflect
I stepped back and looked at the project first after painting the apples and then next after adding the leaves to the overall painting.  I did not consider how the painting would look as I was adding different parts to it but I then realized at the end of the project that I really liked how it turned out because I incorporated real leaves and a neat idea of the progression of an apple being eaten.  Lastly, the leaves were mainly in groups of three and this made a cool shape which I really like.

Artists Develop Art-Making Skills
I gained experience with painting because this project was paint on canvas.  I learned new techniques for this project by blending colors to make them look like a gradual transition from lights to dark.  In addition, I had to paint small apples which were hard to work with because I had to put transitions of color in a small place. I painted a darker color of red near the left bottom of the apples and then a lighter red with white streaks near the top right of the apples which made the apples have different colors throughout their shape.  

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Up Close and Personal

Artists Create Original Idea: This is the beginning of my project before completion and I used my original ideas because instead of showing the whole face of someone blowing a bubble, I cropped the face and zoomed in so it met the standards of the theme, "Up Close and Personal."  I printed out some references so that I knew where to begin but I created my own face through my imagination and shaded in the color of the bubble blue/purple instead of pink/red.  I had to look around at some faces for a brief reference but the face itself was original and out of my imagination.  As the project progressed, I rounded the shape of the face to look more realistic.      

Artists Develop Art Making Skills:  This project is now coming closer to completing because I'm starting to fill the rest of the page.  I was not sure what background to use because the face was close up; therefore, I decided to go with a pattern.  The new techniques I used with this project was shading with chalk pastel color pencil.  I have only ever used chalk pastel on a stick so this was a new experience but it was definitely an enjoyable one.  The color pencils were easy to maneuver and easy to blend which made the background of diamonds and the shading of the bubble realistic and pretty.  

Artists Take Risk: I definitely took a major risk in this art piece with the background.  Because I made the face close up and near, I did not want to have an object(s) in the background because I thought that would take away from the main point of the drawing.  With that in mind, I went with a pattern in the background, and this pattern consists of green diamonds.  I picked a shape that I was comfortable and familiar with that allowed me to blend dark, shaped corners such as the diamond's edges.  Also, I originally had black as the darkest shade for the diamonds but changed that so I now have a dark green as the darkest color of my diamonds.  I transitioned my colors as a gradient so the diamonds have consistent shading.     

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Lollipop, Candy & Soda Can

These three drawings are my drawings using different mediums for the "Up Close and Personal" project. The first drawing was a lollipop that was done by using color pencil.  I did not enjoy this project because color pencil did not show any blending so it was unable to look real or lively.  The second drawing of a piece of candy was much better than the color pencil because I used chalk pastel.  The chalk pastel was enjoyable to use because I was able to blend the colors easily which made the overall project look much better.  The hardest part for this project was the wrapper because it was hard to make it look wrinkly and real without adding too much of one color and overdoing it.  The last drawing was a soda-can.  I drew this soda can with oil pastel and I liked this medium.  Oil pastel was easy to blend; allowing the overall project to look lively and real.  The only thing I wish I did better was making the oil-pastel a lot more heavy and exaggerated instead of light and relaxed as my drawing is.  Overall, I think the oil-pastel and chalk-pastel are my favorite mediums because of its easiness to blend colors.       

Thursday, February 20, 2014

This piece is a stippling drawing of two light bulbs with element symbols in the background.  This portrays my design solution for the theme "scientific" because light bulbs represent ideas and various aspects of scientific topics.  The mini lessons leading up to this final piece were very beneficial because they allowed me to practice the value contrast of stippling and not maintain a single value throughout the whole piece.  I showed contrast in my artwork by placing darker and more compact dots in the dark regions of the light bulbs and light, spaced out dots in the lighter regions.  The medium I used was pen.  The technique I decided to use was stippling because not only did I like the overall result with this technique, but I enjoyed the the process of creating this product and the value that corresponds.  Originally, I had the spiral light bulb in this product and the elements surrounding.  Mrs. Rossi said to add more to this product; therefore I added a circular light bulb hanging from the top.  This was definitely a risk for me because getting the circular light bulb to be perfectly rounded and retain a decent size was challenging.  Overall, my experience with this project was very successful because I learned a new technique that I extremely enjoyed (Stippling) and my final product follows the criteria and value that is required.