Monday, March 18, 2013

I truly enjoyed this project because it allowed me to create a unique art piece with the use of various colors. In addition, I am able to compare this new piece with the original and observe a great piece of artwork that can be formed with a little bit of creativity and a lot of effort. The hardest part of this project was the cutting out the different stencils. This took the greatest amount of time and involved a steady hand with a lot of patience. This project involved many steps and took an ample amount of time. I believe that the final product turned out exquisite and creative. Both, the original and new piece are similar in shapes and patterns, but different in appearance. The new piece obtains various colors and a contrasting texture. The brightness is very prominent, allowing this creative work to catch the eye of any observer. While creating this project, I learned the basics of spray painting, which I then used to create a magnificent piece of art that reflected well, compared to the original. I believe I used the tactics of spray painting, in addition to my creativity, to form a great final product.