Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Cartoon Skeleton

My cartoon character is Jerry from the TV show "Tom and Jerry."  I have properly displayed a full set of bones including necessary primary bones.  In addition, I have used my imagination to create this skeleton contained in Jerry.  Jerry is a small character that has posed in a slightly awkward position.  I had to get creative when I realized the right side of Jerry's body must obtain a larger view of bones because of his unequal positioning.  For example, I drew a slightly uneven rib cage and an irregular pelvis that appears to be more prominent.  Regarding the skull, I created both eye sockets and drew a separate jaw bone.  Also,  I drew normal arm and leg bones that contained fingers and toes.  Overall, I believe my skeleton is symmetrical towards Jerry's body and I feel my imagination and creativity has allowed me to portray a skillful skeleton.