Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Apple Progression Painting

Artists Take Risks
I took a risk by adding real leaves to the canvas with glue.  I was not sure if i wanted to do this because it might be a negative addition to the overall painting but it turned out to look good because it added different texture and life-like aspects.  Also, I was originally not going to do the progression of apples being eaten but once I started painting the apples I really liked how the overall product looked!

Artists Reflect
I stepped back and looked at the project first after painting the apples and then next after adding the leaves to the overall painting.  I did not consider how the painting would look as I was adding different parts to it but I then realized at the end of the project that I really liked how it turned out because I incorporated real leaves and a neat idea of the progression of an apple being eaten.  Lastly, the leaves were mainly in groups of three and this made a cool shape which I really like.

Artists Develop Art-Making Skills
I gained experience with painting because this project was paint on canvas.  I learned new techniques for this project by blending colors to make them look like a gradual transition from lights to dark.  In addition, I had to paint small apples which were hard to work with because I had to put transitions of color in a small place. I painted a darker color of red near the left bottom of the apples and then a lighter red with white streaks near the top right of the apples which made the apples have different colors throughout their shape.