Thursday, February 20, 2014

This piece is a stippling drawing of two light bulbs with element symbols in the background.  This portrays my design solution for the theme "scientific" because light bulbs represent ideas and various aspects of scientific topics.  The mini lessons leading up to this final piece were very beneficial because they allowed me to practice the value contrast of stippling and not maintain a single value throughout the whole piece.  I showed contrast in my artwork by placing darker and more compact dots in the dark regions of the light bulbs and light, spaced out dots in the lighter regions.  The medium I used was pen.  The technique I decided to use was stippling because not only did I like the overall result with this technique, but I enjoyed the the process of creating this product and the value that corresponds.  Originally, I had the spiral light bulb in this product and the elements surrounding.  Mrs. Rossi said to add more to this product; therefore I added a circular light bulb hanging from the top.  This was definitely a risk for me because getting the circular light bulb to be perfectly rounded and retain a decent size was challenging.  Overall, my experience with this project was very successful because I learned a new technique that I extremely enjoyed (Stippling) and my final product follows the criteria and value that is required.