Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Contour Line Shoe Drawing

This drawing of my Wallabee is for the contour line unit.  In the beginning of this unit, I was very hesitant and insecure about my drawings.  This was definitely one of the harder units for me because I am very used to picking up my pencil and moving my hand frequently.  I steadily grew in this type of art because I became used to the idea of a fluent line without any sketchy imprints.  One major aspect of this unit is to move your hand with the speed of your eye while capturing the details of your drawing.  In this specific piece, I drew the outline of the show as it is actually portrayed.  On the other hand, I did not greatly incorporate a few details.  For example, the laces of my shoe are not detailed enough and are basically floppy lines that do not accurately represent the entity of this shoe.  I believe that I have greatly improved as this unit progressed, but unfortunately, this is not of my stronger units. 

Monday, February 11, 2013

Layers Pro App - Value Study

There are many differences between using oil pastels and the Layers Pro App on the Ipad.  For starters, the Layers Pro App allows a greater variety of results through the process of this value study.  There are a wide range of blending opportunities and the colors are more vibrant based on preference.  Differing, the oil pastels are much messier and do not provide a large range of options through this method.  Although there are many differences, there are also many similarities between the oil pastels and the Layers Pro App.  Both applications allow you to use your originality and effort to form a great piece of artwork.  For example, creativity can produce any layout on both systems.  In addition, each network produces two products with chosen shapes, colors, and imagination.  Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this value study assignment.  Although I was unable to finish on the Ipad, I believe my product represents a realistic view of value. Technology allows artists to exhibit their creativity and develop different forms of beautiful art.