Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Up Close and Personal

Artists Create Original Idea: This is the beginning of my project before completion and I used my original ideas because instead of showing the whole face of someone blowing a bubble, I cropped the face and zoomed in so it met the standards of the theme, "Up Close and Personal."  I printed out some references so that I knew where to begin but I created my own face through my imagination and shaded in the color of the bubble blue/purple instead of pink/red.  I had to look around at some faces for a brief reference but the face itself was original and out of my imagination.  As the project progressed, I rounded the shape of the face to look more realistic.      

Artists Develop Art Making Skills:  This project is now coming closer to completing because I'm starting to fill the rest of the page.  I was not sure what background to use because the face was close up; therefore, I decided to go with a pattern.  The new techniques I used with this project was shading with chalk pastel color pencil.  I have only ever used chalk pastel on a stick so this was a new experience but it was definitely an enjoyable one.  The color pencils were easy to maneuver and easy to blend which made the background of diamonds and the shading of the bubble realistic and pretty.  

Artists Take Risk: I definitely took a major risk in this art piece with the background.  Because I made the face close up and near, I did not want to have an object(s) in the background because I thought that would take away from the main point of the drawing.  With that in mind, I went with a pattern in the background, and this pattern consists of green diamonds.  I picked a shape that I was comfortable and familiar with that allowed me to blend dark, shaped corners such as the diamond's edges.  Also, I originally had black as the darkest shade for the diamonds but changed that so I now have a dark green as the darkest color of my diamonds.  I transitioned my colors as a gradient so the diamonds have consistent shading.     

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Lollipop, Candy & Soda Can

These three drawings are my drawings using different mediums for the "Up Close and Personal" project. The first drawing was a lollipop that was done by using color pencil.  I did not enjoy this project because color pencil did not show any blending so it was unable to look real or lively.  The second drawing of a piece of candy was much better than the color pencil because I used chalk pastel.  The chalk pastel was enjoyable to use because I was able to blend the colors easily which made the overall project look much better.  The hardest part for this project was the wrapper because it was hard to make it look wrinkly and real without adding too much of one color and overdoing it.  The last drawing was a soda-can.  I drew this soda can with oil pastel and I liked this medium.  Oil pastel was easy to blend; allowing the overall project to look lively and real.  The only thing I wish I did better was making the oil-pastel a lot more heavy and exaggerated instead of light and relaxed as my drawing is.  Overall, I think the oil-pastel and chalk-pastel are my favorite mediums because of its easiness to blend colors.