Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Printmaking Project

The process I went through to create this project was extremely tedious and long.  Although I like my final product, the process that was used to create it was repetitive.  First we had to search for references that we would use as a guideline.  Then, we sketched our thoughts in our sketchbook that was soon transferred onto the linoleum.  Specifically, carving out the linoleum was difficult because I had to make sure I was very careful in not cutting the drawing of the elephant, but instead cutting ridges around my animal.  This was a challenge for me, but overall I believe that my final product was successful.  Lastly, I picked out the paint color that I wanted and I transferred my painted linoleum onto a colored sheet of construction paper.  In this project, I learned that art requires a great amount of patience and if you use time and effort, you can create a beautiful masterpiece.    

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Photoshop Frog Tongue

This project was easier than the Angry Pancakes and more fun as well.  I started with attaching the frog to the tongue.  Then, I had to edit the frog to make it look like it was attached to the tongue.  With some featured tools, I was able to blend the color of the tongue to match the frog.  Unfortunately, I ran into some trouble when I used the Clone Stamp Tool and the eraser tool.  The Clone Stamp did not allow me to blend the colors appropriately, therefore, my frog is somwhat invisible and not fully blended with the tongue.  The eraser did not allow me to erase the lower right leg like Mr. Sands showed.  Although I ran into some trouble with this project, I enjoyed this Photoshop Lesson the nest. 

Monday, April 15, 2013

Photoshop Angry Pancakes


This project was both enjoyable and easy to do.  I follwed Mr. Sands steps that he made very clear in order to complete this project.  First, I edited the pancakes the way I wanted to fit the mouth of the fish.  Next, I cut around the fish to allow the mouth to fit into the pancakes precisely.  After moving the mouth towards the center of the pancakes I edited the mouth to look relatable of the pancakes.  I smudged the edges of the mouth so it would gradually fade into the pancakes by using a sepcific photoshop tool.  In order to do this, I brightened up the color of the mouth to fit better with the pancakes.  I thought this project was funny and enjoyable.  Also, although it may seem that this process did not involve many steps, it really did.  However, these steps were not hard to complete.