Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Mixed Media - Shoe Collage

Artists Create Original Art
I used my own unique ideas in this project by not only making a shoe collage but placing a photo behind each shoe that relates to the shoe.  For example, the yellow shoe with the red bow is from Snow White and the apple that the shoe is placed on is a significant item of Snow White; therefore, they correspond with eachother in the same disney movie.  Likewise, I did this for the other two shoes, being Cinderella and Aladin.  The source I used for inspiration was Disney.  I originally did not know what to do but I decided that the idea of Disney could be portrayed through shoes from famous Disney characters.  

Artists Develop Art Making Skills
The new skills I learned through this project was how to use mixed media within one piece of art work.  The one thing I had difficulty with was painting over the paper that I glued in the background.  The pumpkin, apple, and magic carpet were all printed out on paper so the texture was a bit difficult to paint over, but I just had to use multiple layers of painter after each layer dried.  I learned skill with the familiar technique of painting.  I have painted before in multiple pieces of art work, but this was definetly the most difficult project in terms of painting.  

Artists Reflect   
I took time to step back and reflect my work after each major part of my project.  First, I stepped back and looked at my project after I placed the pumpkin, apple, and magic carpet on the poster board.  I put these at an angle because I didn't want them straight and too confined.  After this, I added the corresponding shoes to the items and took some time to reflect how these looked.  Lastly, I added my third medium of tissue paper to Snow White's shoe and this added some volume and originality to the project.  I did consider how this project would turn and how to add each element to the peice of art work, but as I was going I added a few items such a glitter that I did not think about earlier.  Overall, this project allowed me to step out of my comfort-zone and I really like how this project turned out.