Art 1 Final Portfolio

1. My favorite project this semester was by far the Cartoon Skeleton.  I thoroughly enjoyed this project because I had a guideline to follow, but mainly my imagination to create a successful art piece. After learning about the different bones and structures of a skeleton, I was able to accurately depict an internal skeleton for the character of Jerry, from the cartoon Television show, “Tom and Jerry.”  In addition, I included the necessary primary bones to make Jerry look as real as possible.  I believe that this is one of my most successful projects because I used what I learned to create a difficult internal structure.  Jerry was positioned in a slightly awkward stance, which made the skeleton somewhat difficult to draw.  But, I was able to draw a valid structure through my imagination.  The skeleton I drew was symmetrical towards his body and represents what the inside of Jerry could possibly look like.  Overall, I am content with my artwork because not only did I use a lot of my creativity and imagination, but I feel the appearance looks great.  

2. The project I developed the most from was the Ipad Value Study.  Not only did I love this project, but I was able to use the skills I learned in future projects.  Overall, this unit was very helpful.  I especially loved the practice drawings we did in your sketchbook.  We had to do two of these, and by the second sketch I felt comfortable with the blending and shading of different colors and the creation of value.  The creation of value is relatively simple and basically a repetitive pattern.  After a couple of sketches in our sketchbook, we were taken to the library to work on the Ipads. I feel that the Ipads were very different from the acrylics because we had different tools that were already installed that allowed us to blend and shade.    Technology is very different but allows artists to see a wide range of the same type of art.  I feel that this project has taught me the purpose of value and allowed me to experience the different regions and types of art. 

3. The project that used skills and techniques learned from previous projects was my Landscape Painting.  The main portion of this project was the idea of value.  I obviously used this skill from my previous value study.  My painting of New York City involved the Hudson River and many buildings.  Value came into the picture because there were shadows on every building and in the river.  Since the sun was shining from the right side, the left edge of every building was darker than the rest of the building.  However, I could not just paint from one color abruptly to the next. So, I blended from dark to light on every building from left to right.  Overall, I like how painting came out and especially love the blending of colors that represent the shadows.  In addition, the water has a large dark blue shadow that adds a sense of realistic to my painting.  

4. The project that was least important in learning the concepts of art was the Contour Line Show drawing.  I believe that this was less significant because I did not use any of the aspects learned in future projects.  In addition, I did not enjoy this project because it was very difficult and somewhat boring.  I feel this way because the concept of a contour drawing did not allow me to draw a good-looking picture without picking up my hand at some point or another.  Overall, this unit was difficult for me because a major aspect of contour is to move your hand with the speed of your eye while capturing all the details, which at some point; I was not able to do.  Unlike some of the other units, I don’t feel like I will use the taught concepts in any future art pieces.  The idea of a constant line that practically never ends in a piece of art seems insignificant to me.  Although I felt that I progressed in that unit, it was unfortunately neither my favorite nor my strongest.      


5. The project that reflects me as an artist is definitely my clay tile.  My clay tile is a Lotus Flower with a few Lilly Pads alongside this flower. In the beginning, I was not too confident with this decision because I didn’t like the way it was coming along.  But in the end, I was pleased with the way my Lotus turned out.  I believe that this piece of artwork reflects me as an artist because of its origin.  The Lotus is a significant flower of India and is very popular along Asia as well.  I have been to India several times because my parents were born there so I know a little about the culture and heritage.  Since Mrs. Rossi said that we didn’t have to sculpt an animal, I chose a Lotus because of its beauty and uniqueness.                  

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