Thursday, October 9, 2014

Artists Steal

1.  Before starting this unit, I thought stealing and copying were basically the same thing.  I thought that if you stole something, you called it your own.  And if you copied something, you took and idea from someone else and called it your own as well.  However, after finishing the "Artists Steal" unit, I realized that stealing and copying are two different things.  Stealing, is taking something from someone else and changing it up to make it your own.  On the other hand, copying is taking something from someone else and not changing it.  Therefore, stealing can be seen through my drawing of Jerry as shown above.  I took the original photo of Jerry, drew a replica of it, but changed the theme by drawing him as a patriot.  Therefore, I did not copy the photo of Jerry, I "stole" it.  

2. My character remix project was of Jerry the mouse from the TV show Tom and Jerry.  The remix concept of this project was utilized by making Jerry a patriot rather than an ordinary mouse.  I drew a red hood-less sweatshirt with "USA" in stars written across and also drew striped plants for the mouse to wear.  Jerry's hands and feet are dotted with red and blue dots and if you look close enough, the inside of his ears are pink with small white stars.  Lastly, there is a star on the tip of Jerry's nose and his whiskers are colored red.  The reason I decided to draw Jerry as a patriot is because his enemy, Tom the cat, is of a different political party, one that is not a patriot or in favor of America.  

3.  My final project is of a "palm"-tree.  The hands that are drawn in green replace the normal, large leaves that a regular palm-tree would have.  The branch of the tree is a normal branch with a zig-zag pattern that is colored in all shades of brown.  Lastly, instead of having clouds above the hands, there are balloons that the hands are reaching for.  The merit of my final project is the "play on words" and how I "interpreted the meaning" of a palm tree.  Instead of drawing an actual palm tree, I changed up the meaning of the word and drew a tree with palms (hands) instead.  Therefore, my merit is the play on words and the different interpretation I brought upon this final project.     

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