Friday, October 24, 2014

Artists Solve Problems/Limitations

Artists Solve Limitations
For this project, the limitation I used was only using University logo's to spell out my name.  As you can see, my name is spelt out with the logo's for NC State, Appalachian, Princeton, Notre Dame, and Auburn University.  The main problems that I encountered with this project was finding the right logo to represent my name and making sure I could replicate them accurately so that people looking at my project could tell which logo belonged to which university.  In addition, this project was very tedious and required a lot of patience to make sure that there were no little mistakes that could potentially make the project look different than the way I wanted it to look.  A last minute decision that I decided to make, was to replace the cursive word "Mountaineers" in the middle of the Appalachian logo, and replace it with my last name which is the same amount of letters as the word "Mountaineers".  Overall, I really like how the project came out and I feel like I used the theme of this project in a unique way.      

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