Monday, December 15, 2014

Artists Inspired


B. The piece of art that I decided to create was a watercolor painting of Winnie the Pooh.  The image I used as my inspiration was a lithograph work of a tea pot that was on the North Carolina Art Museum's online photo gallery.  When I looked at the painting of the tea pot, I immediately thought of a whimsical and youth piece of artwork.  Winnie the Pooh came to my mind because he is a whimsical character that targets a younger audience, so I decided to paint Winni the Pooh as my art project.  The reason I used watercolor as my medium was because I thought it would best replicate the young audience theme that at was in the tea pot lithograph art piece.  After I finished the painting, I pasted Winnie the Pooh on some newspaper and finally on a black paper background to emphasize his colors.  Overall, I really like the way my final piece came out.  

C.  Three pieces of evidence: 

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